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Harlan Campbell

Career Highlights

  • 24 Time ATA All-American
  • 13 Time ATA All-American Team Captain
  • 3 Time Grand American All-Around Champion
  • 4 Time Grand American High Over All Champion
  • Champion of Champions titles 2008-2017
  • Numerous Satellite Grand and State Championships
  • Member of the “Kansas Trapshooting Hall of Fame” since 1999
  • 2012 ATA Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Trap and Field Average Awards collected every year since 2002
  • 11 Grand American Rings
  • 200+ Grand American Trophies
  • 75+ Satellite Grand Titles
  • 328 career “100 Straights in Doubles” (60 at Grand American)
  • Completed his ATA Grand Slam in August of 2000 with 100 from the 27

Krieghoff Gun:

K-80 Special Trap 34″ un-single with choke tubes and 32″ O/U with custom choke tubes by Tom Wilkinson and a Wenig custom stock (HC1 and HC2).

Shells Used:

Remington Brand “STS” Light 8’s for Singles and Doubles. “Nitro 27” 7 1/2’s are used for Handicap.

Glasses and Eye Care:

Randolph Ranger XL Frames with custom colors by Dr. Frank Rively

Hi-Viz Sights and Sight Systems for excellent sight picture and eye control consistency.

Paul Chaplow

Career Highlights:

  • 4 Time English Open Dtl Champion
  • 4 Time Scottish Open Dtl Champion
  • 4 Time Welsh  Open Dtl Champion
  • British Open Dtl Champion 
  • 4 Time European Dtl Champion
  • 2 Time Dougal Memorial Dtl Champion
  • 2 Time Sponsored Dtl Champion
  • 9 Time English Open Double Rise Champion
  • British Open Double Rise Champion 
  • Welsh Open Double Rise Champion
  • Scottish Open Double Rise Champion
  • English Open Single Barrel Champion
  • British Open Single Barrel Champion
  • Welsh  Open Single Barrel Champion
  • Scottish Open Single Barrel Champion
  • Australian Single Barrel Champion
  • British Open All Round Champion
  • 3 Time Krieghoff Classic Dtl Champion 
  • 4 Time Perazzi Grand prix Champion
  • 2 Time High Gun at the Dtl Home International
  • Runner up in the World Dtl Championship
  • Longest consecutive member of the England Dtl Team (16 Consecutive years)
  • World record for Shooting perfect scores at Dtl 100/300  (156 Times)
  • World record for shooting 100 straights at Dtl  (824)
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting Association – Shooter Of The Year Award
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting Association – Special Contribution To Shooting Awar

Sponsored By:

Krieghoff. (Full Factory Sponsorship)
Hull Cartridges. ( Brand Ambassador)
Mid Wales Shooting Centre
Wenig Custom Gunstocks

Meagan Harrington

Age: 21

Hometown: Corpus Christi, Texas

Occupation: Student, Texas A&M University (Public Health major, pre-nursing)

Years Shooting: 12

Ammo Used: Bornaghi Gold


  • 2020 US Sporting Clays Team Member
  • 3x NSCA All-American
  • 7x Texas 4-H State Ladies Champion
  • 2x NRA Collegiate All-American 
  • 2019 Nationals Lady All-Around Champion
  • 2019 World FITASC Lady 5th
  • 2019 US Open Lady All-Around Champion
  • 2019 ACUI Lady National Champion
  • 2019 ACUI Combined Clays Lady Champion
  • 2019 ACUI Combined American Events Lady Champion
  • 2018 South Central Regional 5-Stand Master 1st and Lady Champion

Sponsored by:

  • Wenig Custom Gunstocks
  • Beretta USA
  • Able’s Ammo
  • Good Times Ranch
  • Wild Horse Creek Ranch

Sean Hawley

Career Highlights:

  • 2008 – Set ATA record for most registered straight Doubles at 1,130 straight
  • 22 time All American Team Member
  • 23 Trap and Field All Around Average Awards (5 first place)
  • 20 California State Men’s Titles
  • 18 California State Teams
  • 2006 California Hall of Fame Inductee
  • 32 100 Straights from 27 yds.
  • 218 100 Straights in doubles
  • Highest yearly doubles average on record (99.67%)
  • 25 Consecutive years with 98%+ doubles average (4 of 99%)
  • 4 years with 96%+ Handicap average 
  • 2014 Trapshooting Hall of Fame Inductee
  • 2015 Grand American High Over All Champion

Shooting Tips:

“Get good instruction and pay attention. Set realistic goals and work hard to achieve them. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day…be patient.”
“My focus has always been on consistency. A gunstock that is made for you and only you is a giant step toward becoming a consistently better shooter.”

Other Information:

Sean is the manager of the Vernal Rod and Gun Club in Vernal, Utah. He gives Trapshooting lessons. For information, please call 435-789-0418.

Richard Marshall Jr

  • 27-Time All-American
  • ATA Life Member
  • NRA Life Member
  • NSCA/NSSA Life Member
  • Trapshooting Hall of Fame Member 2015
  • Broke 400×400 All Around at 2013 Western Grand
  • Captain of the Men’s team, 2001 & 2002
  • Inducted into the Nebraska State Hall of Fame, 1998
  • ATA Grand Slam, 1998
  • Grand American Doubles Champion, 2000
  • Grand American HAA & HOA Champion, 2006
  • Grand American Record 700 Straight, 2005
  • Grand American Doubles Champion, 2008

Richard Marshall Jr shooting Clinics‭ ‬-‭ ‬Group or Private Lessons.
Contact info:‭ ‬Cell‭ ‬702-499-6210 or www.richardmarshalljr.com

Travis Mears

Age: 31 
Hometown: Roanoke, Texas 
Occupation: Range Owner, Defender Outdoors Clay Sports Ranch 
Years Shooting: 21 
Shotgun Using: Caesar Guerini Invictus III Sporting 
Ammo Used: Rio Ammunition

Current Sponsors: 

  • Caesar Guerini 
  • Fabarm USA  
  • Rio Ammunition 
  • Wenig Custom Gunstocks 
  • Mec Clay Target 
  • Briley 
  • Firebird 

Notable Wins:

  • 10 time NSCA All American Team
  • 2 time ACUI International Wobble Trap National Champion
  • 2 time ACUI Sporting Clays National Champion
  • 2 time NSCA Junior All American Team Captain
  • 4 years PSCA Professional Sporting Clay Shooter
  • 2011 National Championship 5-stand National Champion
  • 2010 ACUI Collegiate High Over All Champion
  • 2010 ACUI International Skeet National Champion
  • 2010 ACUI Combined Trap Events National Champion
  • 2010 NRA collegiate All American Captain
  • 2009 NSCA 5-stand National Champion Runner Up
  • 2008 ACUI Five Stand National Champion
  • 2005 NSCA Junior Nationals 5 Stand National Champion
  • 2005 NSCA Team USA Gold Medalist
  • 2004 ESPN Great Outdoor Games Gold Medalist
  • 3 Time Texas State 4-H High Overall Champion
  • 5-Time NSSF SCTP Gold Medal team member in Sporting Clays and Skeet
  • Junior Olympics – two-time Silver Medalist in Doubles Trap

Kim Rhode

Date of Birth: 07/16/1979 Hometown: El Monte, Calif. Event: Women’s Skeet


Kim got her competitive start in American Skeet at the age of 10. After winning the World Championship at age 13, she became captain of the All-American Team. This opened the door to the Olympic style of International Double Trap and International Skeet. She has captured 13 National Championship gold medals since making the National Team in 1995. Kim’s career also includes 26 medals in international competitions including four Olympic medals.

Taking time off after her success in the 2004 Olympic Games, Rhode returned in 2006 with a new focus: the Women’s Skeet event. Women’s Double Trap was removed from the Olympic Games following the 2004 Games in Athens. Rhode successfully pocketed a silver medal at the 2008 Beijing Games in Women’s Skeet. She is a member of the Safari Club International and an honorary lifetime member of the National Rifle Association. Kim keeps busy with training, public speaking, shooting demonstrations, skiing and hunting, and is an avid builder and restorer of antique and muscle cars. She also collects 1800’s and 1900’s first edition children’s books, her favorite being The Wizard of Oz series.

Competition Highlights:

2017 World Cup Finals, Gold Medalist
2017 World Cup Acapulco, Gold Medalist
2017 World Cup New Delhi, Gold Medalist
2017 World Cup Larnaka, Silver Medalist
2017 World Championship, 4th place
2017 USA Shooting Female Athlete of the Year
2016 Olympic Bronze Medalist
2016 World Cup Finals, Gold Medalist
2016 World Cup Rio, Silver Medalist
2015 Pan American Games Gold Medalist
2015 World Cup Acapulco, Gold Medalist
2014 World Cup Munich, Gold Medalist
2014 World Cup Almaty, Gold Medalist
2014 World Cup Tucson, Bronze Medalist

2012 Olympic Games, Gold Medalist (Skeet), 10th Place (Trap)
2012 World Cup Lonato, 4th Place
2012 World Cup London, Bronze Medalist
2012 World Cup Tucson, Gold Medalist
2012 U.S. Olympic Team Nominee
2011 Pan American Games, Gold Medalist
2011 World Cup Final, Gold Medalist
2011 World Clay Target Championship, Bronze Medalist
2011 World Cup Beijing, Silver Medalist
2011 World Cup Sydney, Gold Medalist
2010 World Cup Final, Silver Medalist
2010 Fall Selection, Gold Medalist
2010 World Championship, Gold Medalist
2010 National Championship, Gold Medalist
2010 World Cup Acapulco, Gold Medalist
2010 World Cup Beijing, Gold Medalist
2010 World Cup Dorset, 4th Place

2009 USA Shooting Female Athlete of the Year
2009 World Cup Munich, Silver Medalist
2009 World Cup San Marino, Silver Medalist
2008 Olympian, Silver Medalist
2008 USA Shooting Female Athlete of the Year
2008 U.S. Olympic Trials (Shotgun), 1st Place
2004 Olympian, Gold Medalist (Double Trap), 5th Place (Skeet)
2007 USA Shooting Female Athlete of the Year
2007 Pan American Games Silver Medalist (Skeet)
2007 World Cup Santo Domingo, Gold Medalist/World Record Holder (Skeet)
2007 National Championship, Gold Medalist (Skeet)
2007 Fall Selection, Gold Medalist (Skeet)
2007 World Clay Target Championship, 6th Place (Skeet)
2004 National Championship, Gold Medalist (Double Trap)
2004 U.S. Olympic Trials, 1st Place (Double Trap)
2003 Pan American Games, Gold Medalist (Double Trap)
2003 World Cup Perth, Gold Medalist (Double Trap)
2002 World Championship, 5th Place & Team Silver (Double Trap)
2000 Olympian, Bronze Medalist (Double Trap)
2000 World Cup Cairo, Gold Medalist (Double Trap)
2000 World Cup Italy, Bronze Medalist (Double Trap)
1999 Pan American Games, Gold Medalist (Double Trap)
1998 World Cup Italy, Gold Medalist (Double Trap)
1998 World Cup Cairo, Gold Medalist (Double Trap)
1998 World Championship, Silver Medalist (Double Trap)
1998 World Cup Cairo, Gold Medalist (Double Trap)
1997 World Cup Seoul, Gold Medalist (Double Trap)
1996 Olympian, Gold Medalist (Double Trap)
1996 World Cup Italy, Gold Medalist (Double Trap)

Sharred Oaks

Age‭ ‬16
Started Shooting in‭ ‬2009

All American Achievements
2011‭ ‬Sub-Junior‭ ‬2nd team
2012‭ ‬Sub-Junior‭ ‬1st team
2013‭ ‬Sub-Junior Captain
2014‭ ‬Sub-junior Captain
2015‭ ‬Junior‭ ‬1st team

Open Championships
2013‭ ‬Arizona state N/R doubles champion
2013‭ ‬Utah state Resident doubles champion
2013‭ ‬Wyoming state N/R doubles champion
2013‭ ‬Montana state N/R singles champion
2015‭ ‬Utah state resident HOA champion
2015‭ ‬Wyoming state N/R HOA champion
2015‭ ‬Montana state N/R HAA champion
2015‭ ‬Autumn Grand Singles champion
2016‭ ‬Arizona state N/R singles champion

Highest All Around Composite average for Sub-Junior category.‭ ‬95.99.

Derrick Mein

Residence: Edwardsville, Kansas
Age: 34
Years Shooting: 22
Shotgun: Kolar Max Lite
Stock: Custom Wenig New American


  • 2015 Nad Al Sheba Champion
  • 3 Time PSCA Pro
  • 9 Time NSCA All-American
  • 2 time US Helice Team USA
  • 11 time Kansas State Champion
  • 2 time Team USA Sporting
  • 2016 Team USA FITASC
  • 2015 National 28 gauge Champion
  • 2015 Northeast Regional Champion
  • 2015 World FITASC 5th
  • 2015 World English 4th
  • 2013 Krieghoff Kup Champion 99X100
  • 2013 World English Sporting Clays finalist
  • 2011 US Open FITASC Champion 99X100
  • 2011 Zone 5 Champion
  • 2011 NSCA National 5-stand Runner-UP 98×100
  • 2010 USHA Helice National Champion
  • 2008 ACUI Collegiate All-Around National Champion
  • 1999 NSCA Sub-Jr National Champion

Forrest Montealegre


Age‭ ‬13,‭ ‬born May‭ ‬7,‭ ‬2004,‭ ‬resides in Houston,‭ ‬Texas
8th-grade student at Spring Branch Middle School in Houston,‭ ‬Texas
Parents,‭ ‬Pablo and Julianna Montealegre‭ 


  • Wenig Custom Gun Stocks
  • Federal Premium Ammunition‭ 
  • Briley Manufacturing

Shooting Resume

  • Began shooting at the age of‭ ‬4‭ ‬years old
  • Lifetime Member of the National Sporting Clays Association‭ (‬NSCA‭)Member of Greater Houston Gun Club
  • Member of Club Cinegetico Jaliciense,‭ ‬Guadalajara,‭ ‬Mexico‭ 
  • Member of United States Helice Association
  • Member of United States Flyers Federation
  • Member of Sporting Clays Mexico Association

Personal Background

Forrest began shooting and hunting with his father Pablo from a very young age.‭  ‬His father realized that he was a naturally talented shooter and had a bright shooting future ahead of him.
Ever since Forrest started shooting,‭ ‬he has never wavered in his enthusiasm for the sport.‭  ‬He loves the competitiveness of the sport,‭ ‬traveling with his father,‭ ‬and meeting new friends from all around
the world.‭  ‬His love for hunting is just as great,‭ ‬and he has taken trips with his father to places such as Africa,‭ ‬Argentina,‭ ‬Bolivia,‭ ‬Canada, and Mexico.‭

Forrest’s shotgun of choice is a Krieghoff K-80‭ ‬with a Wenig custom stock,‭ ‬Briley chokes and Federal Premium Ammunition.‭  ‬He loves those companies because in his opinion,‭ ‬they have the best quality products,‭ ‬and they treat him like family.‭  ‬Forrest usually shoots at Greater Houston Gun Club,‭ ‬where he is a member and spends most of his free time practicing there with his father.

2016-2018‭ ‬Awards and Accomplishments:

2018‭ ‬American Shooting Centers Club Championship
Sub-Junior Champion‭ (‬HOA‭)
2018‭ ‬American Shooting Centers Super Bowl Tournament
Sub-Junior Champion‭ (‬HOA‭)
2018‭ ‬LIsto Gringo Boxbird Championship
Junior Champion‭ (‬HOA‭)
2017‭ ‬United States Helice Association Fall Open Qualifier Match
Junior Champion‭ (‬HOA‭)
2017‭ ‬American Shooting Centers Club Championship‭ 
Main Event Junior‭ (‬HOA‭)
2017‭ ‬Nationals:‭ 
Main Event Sub Junior‭ ‬3rd Place
Krieghoff Cup Sub Junior‭ ‬5th Place
Main Event Life Member Sub Junior Champion‭ (‬HOA‭)
2017‭ ‬Helice World Championship
Junior World Champion‭ (‬HOA‭)
2017‭ ‬European Boxbird World Championship
Junior World Champion‭ (‬HOA‭)
2017‭ ‬Texas Sporting Clays Association‭ (‬TSCA‭)
All American First Team‭ 
2017‭ ‬Briley Sub Gauge Team
Sub-Junior First Team‭ 
2017‭ ‬NSCA All American Team
Sub-Junior First Team‭ 
2017‭ ‬Greater Houston Gun Club Championship
Junior Champion‭ (‬HOA‭)
2017‭ ‬Houston Safari Club Sporting Clays Tournament‭ 
Junior Champion‭ (‬HOA‭)


2017‭ ‬European Boxbird World Championship‭ (‬Copa Big Bang‭)
Junior Champion‭ (‬HOA‭)
2017‭ ‬FAN‭ ‬32‭ ‬Helice World Championship
Junior‭ ‬3rd Place‭ 
2016‭ ‬Texas Sporting Clays Association‭ (‬TSCA‭)
All American First Team‭ 
2016‭ ‬NSCA All American Team‭ 
Sub-Junior First Team‭ 
2016‭ ‬Houston Safari Club Sporting Clays Tournament‭ 
Junior Champion‭ (‬HOA‭)
2016‭ ‬Greater Houston Gun Club Championship
Junior Champion‭ (‬HOA‭)
2016‭ ‬Copa Aguila Championship‭ 
1st Place Junior‭ ‬5-stand‭ (‬HOA‭)
1st Place Junior Copa Las Americas‭ (‬HOA‭)
1st Place Junior TXAT‭ (‬HOA‭)
1st Place Junior‭ ‬28‭ ‬Gram‭ (‬HOA‭)
1st Place Junior Main Event‭ (‬HOA‭)
2016‭ ‬National Sporting Clays Cup
Junior Champion‭ (‬HOA‭)
2016‭ ‬National Boxbird Championship
Junior Champion‭ (‬HOA‭)
2016‭ ‬World Championship Hand Thrown/Colombaire‭ 
Junior World Champion‭ (‬HOA‭)
2016‭ ‬Texas Sporting Clays Championship
‭ ‬1st Place Sub-Junior‭ ‬5‭ ‬-Stand‭ (‬HOA‭)
2016‭ ‬Texas Parks and Wildlife‭ 
Junior Champion‭ (‬HOA‭)