Wenig Custom Gunstocks

Rifle Styles


High Monte Carlo comb approximately bore height; wide forend; non-rollover cheekpiece; thumbrest for more upright hand position; rail cut available


High straight comb approximately bore height; wide forend; non-rollover cheekpiece; thumbhole benchrest available; rail cut available


Straight comb with no Monte Carlo cut; also features a non-rollover, shadowline cheekpiece

Lincoln Silhouette

Similar to the Thumbhole Silhouette; high Monte Carlo comb and thumbhole provide for upright head and hand for more comfortable shooting


Forend extends to the length of the barrel; can be used in combination with any of the other styles

Monte Carlo Classic

Designed for the shooter who likes the Classic design with shadowline cheekpiece, but needs a higher, Monte Carlo comb for better fit

Rollover Cheekpiece

Similar to the Aristocrat style; Monte Carlo stock with a rollover cheekpiece and tear-drop grip with palm swell

Thumbhole Sporter

Typically used for scoped rifles; features a rollover cheekpiece and thumbhole tear-drop grip


Wider forend; rollover cheekpiece; tear-drop grip; heavier all the way around


Answer Center

You can ship your gun by UPS or by FedEx directly to us, you may also ship it from your local dealer if you would like.  The most important thing to remember is to package it well! Feel free to call the office with any questions concerning the best way to protect your items!

The ATF regulations state that we have to ship back to the address it was received from.  If you ship from a local FFL then that is where we will ship it back to. The only exception is that we can ship to another FFL if you request.  We will not, however, be able to ship to your home address unless that is the address it came from.   Call the office if you have additional questions about this topic.

The common carriers such as UPS. FedEx, etc, all have insurance available and it is priced typically in $1000 increments.

Although these have been shaped and drilled, there is still final fitting that needs to be done to the action, as well as trimming around the metal. This will allow for the variances in the action size and allow for a proper fit. After fitting you will need to do the final sanding, checkering if you desire, and finish.

You will need a moisture meter designed for this application, we need the wood at 10% or below moisture content. You may be able to find a business such as, a hardwood dealer, custom cabinet shop, or furniture store that would have a proper meter or you can always stop by our office and we would be happy to test it for you.

Yes, we have a pattern board, ATA Trap, and Sporting Clays Trap five minutes from the shop!