Classic  Factory - Duplicate dimensions from original factory stock
 Anschutz  Anschutz - High Monte Carlo comb approximately bore height; wide forend; non-rollover cheekpiece; thumbrest for more upright hand position; rail cut available
 benchrest  Benchrest - High straight comb approximately bore height; wide forend; non-rollover cheekpiece; thumbhole benchrest available; rail cut available
 Benchrest  Classic - Straight comb with no Monte Carlo cut; also features a non-rollover, shadowline cheekpiece
 Lincoln-Silhouette  Lincoln Silhouette - Similar to the Thumbhole Silhouette; high Monte Carlo comb and thumbhole provide for upright head and hand for more comfortable shooting
 Mannlicher  Mannlicher - Forend extends to the length of the barrel; can be used in combination with any of the other styles
 Monte-Carlo-Classic  Monte Carlo Classic - Designed for the shooter who likes the Classic design with shadowline cheekpiece, but needs a higher, Monte Carlo comb for better fit
 Rollover Cheekpiece  Rollover Cheekpiece - Similar to the Aristocrat style; Monte Carlo stock with a rollover cheekpiece and tear-drop grip with palm swell
 Thumbhole-Sporter  Thumbhole Sporter - Typically used for scoped rifles; features a rollover cheekpiece and thumbhole tear-drop grip
 varminter Varminter - Wider forend; rollover cheekpiece; tear-drop grip; heavier all the way around


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