COMPLETELY FINISHED! If the customer is needing/wanting a new buttstock, forend, or rifle stock, and wants it on their gun ready to shoot when they receive it, this is the top of the line option!! ‬Our completely finished stocks include the machining,  hand fitting, sanding, ‬standard 22‭ ‬line per inch point checkering,‭ our special formulated two component urethane finish, which is available in 20, 40 or 60 sheen, and the choice of a recoil pad or buttplate. There are also upgrade options including traditional oil finish and many different checkering patterns.‭ ‬We have an extensive stock pattern list to choose from or we can build to the customer's supplied dimensions.‭ **Note: Duplicating customer's pattern or builidng a pattern to match customer's dimensions will include additional charges.

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