Machine Inletted which is also referred to as Semi-Inletted or ninety five percent inletted,‭ ‬these items have been machine shaped and inletted and the necessary holes have been drilled.‭ (‬there are specific stocks that may have a hole that is drilled during the fitting process and cannot be predrilled‭)‬ These pieces are left slightly oversized to allow for the variances in the gun metal and will require final fitting to the action,‭ ‬trimming to the metal where the wood meets the action as well as‭ ‬final sanding,‭ ‬checkering if desired and application of desired finish.‭ ‬The two piece pump/auto pieces will take the least amount of skill to fit,‭ ‬boxlock over/unders and side by sides and centerfire bolt action rifles will require a higher skill level.‭ ‬Sidelock guns should be reserved for trained professionals.‭ ‬Suppliers such as Brownells will have all the necessary tools needed such as files,‭ ‬chisels,‭ ‬gouges,‭ ‬finishes,‭ ‬inletting pins,‭ ‬etc.

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