Our custom‭ fitting service will give you the benefits of reduced recoil,‭ ‬point of impact placement,‭ ‬ease of mounting and will make your gun more enjoyable to shoot.‭ ‬The fitting will concentrate on proper positioning of the recoil pad in your shoulder pocket,‭ ‬comfortable grip with your finger behind the trigger, the palm swell, if desired, being sized and located properly and the proper comb configuration. ‬In years past the‭ “‬Try Stock‭” ‬method was very common, and is still used by some stock makers.  Although, there are many adjustments made with this method, we believe it won't achieve the best results.  We choose to start with a standard stock and build it to the customers preferences, we call this the "Pattern Stock.‬"

We schedule custom fittings daily. You will need to arrive at 7am and plan on spending the day with us. We will start by building your pattern, while adjustments are being made you will have a chance to choose your blank of wood to be used for your final stock. Once the pattern is ready, the selected blank will be machined and hand fitted to your action. Next you will get to shoot your gun with the new stock, having an opportunity to do any necessary final tuning.  Before you leave, you will need to choose your desired checkering and finish!  When your job is completed we will call you for shipping preferences!

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